Labor Law and Social Security

Causa Finalis Law Firm (CFLF) litigates and files employment law proceedings in case that should be necessary, for instance in case of termination of the employment agreement due to inadequate performance or in case of economic reasons. Causa Finalis Law Firm (CFLF) is able to advise clients over the whole range of (corporate) employment law. We render advice on employment law regarding acquisitions, conduct pre-merger due diligence and coordinate (national and cross-border) restructuring and relocation of employees.

How Causa Finalis Law Firm (CFLF) can help

Causa Finalis Law Firm (CFLF) assists both employers and employees in a wide range of employment matters, among which the following practice areas: a) draft and review employment agreements under Dutch employment law, for instance regarding employment agreement for a fixed term, probationary period, notice period, non-competition clause, holidays, bonus scheme, option plan, and managing directors of Dutch companies; b) draft and review employee handbooks; c) collective labor agreements in The Netherlands; d) termination of the employment agreement, redundancies, severance packages, in case of termination by mutual consent, termination proceedings before the Dutch courts, termination of employment under Dutch law for urgent cause, or dismissals of managing directors in The Netherlands and discharge litigation; e) unilateral change of conditions of employment; f) disputes regarding (unreasonable) dismissals under Netherlands law, business reorganizations and collective dismissals in The Netherlands; g) social plan under employment law in The Netherlands; h) employment aspects of the acquisition of a Dutch business; i) transfer of undertaking under Dutch law; j) foreign employees in The Netherlands – expats in Holland.- cross-border employment matters in The Netherlands; k) negotiations with Dutch trade unions and works councils; l) work place compliance (e.g. illness or other incapacity for work, back wages, discrimination or employee evaluations)

Employment and Benefits

Causa Finalis Law Firm (CFLF) understands that employment law issues often require a pragmatic and practical approach. We are experienced and committed to provide our clients with high-quality and constructive customized advice, taking the very latest developments in employment law into account.

Employment related Criminal Law

Causa Finalis Law Firm (CFLF) has created a division dedicated to employment related criminal law, combining the expertise of lawyers experienced in criminal litigation and corporate consulting.

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Legal aid is the provision of assistance to people who are unable to afford legal representation and access to the court system. Legal aid is regarded as central in providing access to justice by ensuring equality before the law, the right to counsel and the right to a fair trial. The eligibility for legal aid is based on both the client’s annual income and his assets.

The Fraud Triangle

The fraud triangle provides a lens from which to examine any fraud. The fraud triangle is comprised of perceived pressure, perceived opportunity and rationalization.

Fraud Recruitment

People typically become involved in already existing fraud schemes as a result of power that is exercised on them by another individual. The five (5) separate types of power include: reward, coercive, expert, legitimate and referent. It is through either one or a combination of several types of power that a potential fraud perpetrator is influenced to become involved in a fraudulent scheme.

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