Causa Finalis Law Firm (CFLF) offers legal advice and assistance across a broad spectrum of disciplines to businesses, public and private sector institutions, governments and individuals.

Corporate Clients

It’s vital for corporate clients to be certain about: a) who their investors are, b) who they are employing, c) who they are doing business with. If you ignore those factors, then the chances of potentially becoming a victim of a financial crime are higher and may result in monetary losses with little change of recovery.

Government and Public Sector

The public sector is the part of an economy in which goods and services are produced and/or (re)distributed by government agencies. Civil servants working for government entities are public sector employees, whereas those employed by private employers not affiliated with government are private sector employees.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Regardless of the extent and scope of an investigation, police are bound by constraints imposed upon them by Dutch Police Force Law and Dutch Constitution. If a prosecutor believes you stepped outside your lawful bounds as an officer, you can find yourself facing serious criminal charges of (military) police misconduct. If you are a (Military) Police Officer, you know that you need to protect your law enforcement badge, after all, it’s your livelihood!

Private Clients

Causa Finalis Law Firm’s private client-oriented practice concentrates on individuals as well as families and provides them with advice associated with the accumulation, management and transfer of personal assets. We are able to provide legal services to influential individuals as we understand their specific needs and requirements.

Private-sector Detective Companies, Audit Firms and Accountancy Organisations

We assist private-sector detective companies, audit firms and accountancy organisations (and their employees) with criminal matters, administrative supervision and enforcement cases, and internal and external investigations. Also we assist detective companies, audit firms and (forensic) accountancy organisations (and their employees) who are faced with compliance issues at the interface of criminal law and administrative enforcement.

Surveillance and Security

Operators in the Security Services industry commonly provide guard and patrol services, in-transit cash and valuables protection and investigation and detective services. The industry provides security measures for businesses and public areas that have chosen to outsource security systems rather than take on the logistical burden of protecting their facilities themselves. The industry does not include companies that perform credit checks or sell security systems, such as burglar and fire alarms.

Taxi Industry

We assist hard working taxi drivers with criminal matters, administrative supervision and enforcement cases, and internal and external investigations. Also we assist taxi drivers who are faced with compliance issues at the interface of criminal law and administrative enforcement. We are leading taxi driver defence lawyers, who have experience at appearing in front of licensing committees and appeal hearings up and down the country.

Our Areas of Legal Practice

Causa Finalis Law Firm (CFLF) assists clients with criminal matters, administrative supervision and enforcement cases and internal and external investigations. We combine specialist knowledge and years of experience in the various disciplines of compliance, monitoring and enforcement. Dedicated to handling fraud and white-collar crime matters, we provide assistance in matters relating to money-laundering, corruption and public procurement fraud, tax fraud, environmental criminal law and many other economic and criminal offences. Our work comprises of in-depth (corporate) investigations for (semi) public organisations and companies, advise on damage control and defending them before authorities and courts.

Our comprehensive legal approach involves:

  • Advising the central government, the provinces and municipalities as well as their companies and partners on the needs of the public sector.
  • Providing comprehensive support for entities in the financial sector and combining regulatory expertise with broad networking in the market, with supervisory authorities, associations and legislators.
  • Advising industrial and family businesses on legal issues related to business operations.
  • Supporting firms in organizing and enforcing law within the company and avoiding liability, as well as partners in all matters of monitoring and succession.
  • Assisting businesses and private clients with corporate criminal matters, administrative supervision and enforcement cases, and internal and external investigations.

Criminal Law Practice

Causa Finalis Law Firm (CFLF) has a great deal of expertise to offer adequate legal assistance within the field of General Criminal Law, Economic Offences, Financial Criminal Law, Criminal Tax Law, Fraud and Bribery, Environmental Criminal Law, Occupational accidents and diseases and Employment related criminal law.


We assist suspects during questioning by the law enforcement authorities, provides support during searches, maintains contact with the the law enforcement authorities and the public prosecutor and seeks possibilities to close the criminal prosecution, preferably without having to go to trial.

Administrative and Public Law

Causa Finalis Law Firm advises businesses and private individuals in lawsuits against the central state, municipalities, regions, government agencies, public bodies and public corporations in general administrative law. We have a great deal of expertise to offer adequate judicial and extra-judicial assistance within Decisions of administrative bodies, Submitting a notice of objection, Notice of objection and appeal, Licence appeals service (revocation and refuse), Enforcement (administrative coercion, penalties and administrative fines), Adminstrative Contracts, Spatial planning; zoning and exemptions, Certificate of Conduct is refused, Constitutional Law and Human Rights, Public Administration Probity Screening Act and Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) and Area Ban.

Civil Litigation and Civil Protection Order

Causa Finalis Law Firm (CFLF) handles litigation of contentious matters through court actions, and aggressively defend and prosecute her clients’ interests in a wide variety of civil legal proceedings. We assists clients with that are faced with the various aspects in the field of domestic violence, assault, harassment, stalking, or sexual assault.

Labor Law and Social Security

Causa Finalis Law Firm (CFLF) litigates and files employment law proceedings in case that should be necessary, for instance in case of termination of the employment agreement due to inadequate performance or in case of economic reasons. Causa Finalis Law Firm is able to advise clients over the whole range of (corporate) employment law. We render advice on employment law regarding acquisitions, conduct pre-merger due diligence and coordinate (national and cross-border) restructuring and relocation of employees.

Family Law Practice

Causa Finalis Law Firm (CFLF) advises and assists you in couple, marriage and prenuptial agreements issues. We also deal with issues related to patrimonial family law, including donations, successions. We intervene in divorce and separation proceedings, child custody and visitation, alimony, but also international child relocation and abduction.

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Our Latest Thinking


Legal aid is the provision of assistance to people who are unable to afford legal representation and access to the court system. Legal aid is regarded as central in providing access to justice by ensuring equality before the law, the right to counsel and the right to a fair trial. The eligibility for legal aid is based on both the client’s annual income and his assets.

The Fraud Triangle

The fraud triangle provides a lens from which to examine any fraud. The fraud triangle is comprised of perceived pressure, perceived opportunity and rationalization.

Fraud Recruitment

People typically become involved in already existing fraud schemes as a result of power that is exercised on them by another individual. The five (5) separate types of power include: reward, coercive, expert, legitimate and referent. It is through either one or a combination of several types of power that a potential fraud perpetrator is influenced to become involved in a fraudulent scheme.

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